Top 10 Places to Visit in Pokhara

Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara

Forbes Magazine has listed Pokhara at first rank on the best value cities for budget travelers 2017. Set amidst the beauty of nature, brimming with array of pleasantness and collection of daunting peaks, thousands of travelers make their way to savor the grandness of charismatic landscape, Pokhara.

Pokhara, also known as the city of Lake, is the main gateway to popular Annapurna region trekking. The surrounding hilly landmark and colorful village is the best known hiking route in Nepal. City itself is blessed with incredible natural landmark and multitude of graceful pilgrim sites. Pokhara city sightseeing tour is the best way to savor the beautiful city. There are numerous things to do and place to visit at Pokhara, just 1-2 is enough to savor whole city briefly.

It doesn’t end here. Along with incredible natural panorama, the city is also home to numerous fun and entertaining activities like paragliding, rafting, and boating, rock climbing, zip flyer, ultra flight and more. Don’t miss to check out the tradition, ethnic culture and lifestyle of local citizen.

Pokhara– the other name of paradise is situated amidst of two spectacular and stunning Himalaya wall and Annapurna peak. It is located 200km west of Kathmandu and falls among the second best and famous tourist destination in Nepal.

There are lots of things to do and place to visit in Pokhara. Here list of places to visit in Pokhara which you should not miss during your visit to Pokhara:

1. Phewa Lake:

Phewa Lake in PokharaBoating around the beautiful Phewa Lake is foremost attraction and precious place to visit in Pokhara. Paddling out into the middle of lake is the best way to spend leisure time. It is the largest lake in the Pokhara valley and second largest lake in Nepal.

Encompassed by Sarangkot and Kasikot hill, this astonishing lake holds a pagoda-style temple, Tal Barahi Temple. The reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and Annapurna range on the crystal clear lake is another attraction of the lake.

2. David Falls:

Explore a unique waterfall situated about 2-km south of central Pokhara city. This spectacular waterfall goes directly into the deep and narrow canal with no ends. It is said that this deadly waterfall claimed the life of tourist named- Davis who fell into the canal, got vanished and was nver not found and so the waterfall is named after Davis. This is the most important place to visit in Pokhara if you admire nature and love water stream.

3. World Peace Stupa:

World peace pagoda is a massive Buddhist Stupa located on the top of the hill on the southern shore of Phewa Lake. This spectacular shrine displays the arresting beauty of Annapurna range, Phewa Lake and the grand Pokhara city. 2 hours of short hike along the Raniban forest crossing suspension bridge takes you to the natural and spiritual retreat center of Pokhara, World Peace Stupa. We will cross the lake after 20 minutes of boating with the visit to island temple (Barahi Temple) in the middle of the lake.

If you have few hours left after your recreational visit to Pokhara city, you must hike to world peace pagoda that offers great sense of refreshment.

4. Tibetan Refugee Camp:

If you are visiting Pokhara, don’t miss a chance to explore the Tibetan refugee camp. The area is stunningly festooned with prayer flags which enhances the glory of the place. It shelters numerous monks where you can hear the rumbling of the monks chanting prayers.

5. Mahendra Cave:

The name Mahendra Cave is given after the name of the Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The cave is decorated with variety of rock formation especially limestone and the rock sparkle when the light strikes on it. The stone dropping from the roof and surrounding the cave floor is stunning and the dark adventure increases as you move further inside the cave.

6. Tal Barahi:

If you want a spiritual retreat during your visit to Pokhara, it is good to pay homage to Tal Barahi Temple. It is small pagoda-style temple dedicated to Lord Tal Barahi. It is an ancient heritage made of stone and thatched-roof. The surreal beauty of location and amazing grandeurs of Few Lake lures the heart of every traveler. As the temple lies amidst of Fewa Lake, the only way to visit the temple is via boat. Tal Barahi is one of spectacular pilgrimage sites in Nepal where numerous Hindus travel to worship deity.

7. Bindabasani Temple:

To the corner of the valley in the shadow of Sarangkot, there locates a Hindu Temple dedicated to the Goddess Durga’s incarnation of Bhagwati. The temple is adorned with white pagoda on the top of mini-hill with a roomy cemented plateau. Your visit to Pokhara gains deep spiritual insight while visiting Bindabasani Temple. Easy steps up from the temple take you through Shadus and Pundits to the top where space and views opens up. The location of the temples offers the vantage point for glimpse of Himalayan range that Pokhara visiting is famous for.

8. Seti-River Gorge

Seti River Gorge is carved by the Seti-Gandaki, known as one of famous natural wonder and most-to visit place in Pokhara. The dreadful rush of the river and the deep gorge made by the turbulent flow of milky water can been clearly from KI Singh Bridge at the Bagar, Mahendra Pool & Prithivi Highway Bridge nearby the Bus park. The gorge is known for its unique formation, it is less than a meter across and the water gushes more than 50m below the street level.

9. Mountain Museum:

While your Pokhara visit, don’t miss a chance to visit Mountain Museum that exhibits, records, documents and chronicles the past and also shows the present development in field of mountain and mountaineering.  It is built by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), which is funded by tourism club, mountaineering association and individual donor around the world. The Museum offers the deep insight of Man, Mountain and Mountain activities from around the globe.

10. Guptshewor Mahadev Cave:

Located to south-east of Pokhara at Dhorpatan, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is an ancient temple that is more than 599 years old. The long stairs winds down to the shrine of Lord Shiva where Lord Shiva is stacked on the raised platform fenced by the iron bars. The cave is mostly damp but the string light bulb emits lights that allow you to see the stair clearly. Travelers need to bend down most of the time until they have passed 50m long tunnel. Gupteshwor Mahadev is located on the Pokhara-Tansen road that is just leisure walk away from the lakeside and damside.


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