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Nepal Peak Climbing Information

Mountaineering or peak climbing is the most challenging adventure in the world for long time of human civilization. The challenge to concur the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest (8848m) was the most challenging task until 1953. When Tenzing Norge Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary summit the world’s highest peak. In the race of climbing mountain peak, hundreds of climbers lost their life due to the lack of right peak climbing information.

This page enlists the topic related to Nepal peak climbing information for the successful summit of world highest peaks. Read before you proceed to climb the mountains and know about the necessary idea for successful climbing. You need to know about the altitude sickness, climbing permits, government documentations, climbing guides, personal checklist, oxygen, high foods, camping gears, and many other things.

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Trekking Peaks in Nepal

In Nepal, peaks above 6500m are classified in to number of categories that determines its climbing royalty and permit rules. It is mandatory to obtain permit from Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation before launching the climbing expedition.

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Garbage Deposit and Refund

We support in eco-friendly tourism so we are responsible to destroy all the garbage and wastage of all peak climbing expedition operated by us. The climbing team must destroy or recycle the wastage in front of the concerned authorities and if not the team must bring back the wastage to Kathmandu and hand over to the concerned institution or body directed by Nepal Government.

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Peak Climbing Rules

Under the power conferred by Government of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association have formulated following rules to be taken in consideration for climbing peaks of Nepal that are listed in Appendix 1

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