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Frequently Asked Questions for Trekking in Nepal

What is Trekking?

Trekking means simply walking in the Himalayas or hills. Trekking is the practice of taking multi-day hiking trips, often through rugged country

How Long the trek will be?

Depending on the trekking route and destination the duration change. Nepal trekking starts from 2 days to more than 32 days.

Who Can Trek?

In the lowland simply all aged group people can trek if they are physically fit. In the mountain area, they may be demanding

Is trekking for me?

If you are physically well and having the desire of trekking, you can trek in the himalays.

How to Book a trekking package?

First you have to decide where to trek in Nepal then you can send some amount to confirm the trip (about 40%). You can discuss about the accomodation, trekking style and services before you book

What will be the accommodation during the trek?

You can stay at local teahouse (lodge) in the popular trekking areas and you can organize a camping trip in the wilderness part. The accododation is depends on the trekking destination and your style of trekking.

Will anybody support me for trekking?

Yes, our experienced trekking guide and porters will help you for your trekking trip.

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