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Fishing Tour in Nepal

Fishing in Nepal

Fishing tour in Nepal is growing among the travelers as one of the best way of enjoying with the water and aquatic life. Nepal is a land of diverse topography, climate, ethnicity and biodiversity. As Nepal is known as the second richest country in world in water resources, it is and appealing place for the aquatic life. Different game fish species found in the rivers draining the Himalaya are pleasant surprise for sportsman looking for fishing or fly fishing tour. Fishing tour is thrilling and magnificent sport to popper out the multicolored fish in the clear Himalaya Rivers of Nepal.

Nepal lakes and rivers can show good fishing justification. There are roughly 118 diversity of fresh water fish in these Himalayan waters, range from the much sought after Masher to mountain tributary trout like diversity. The Himalayan streams are also host to the illusive catfish is perhaps one of the only catfish species in the world with teeth. Fishing in Nepal is all the more fun in mountain watercourse. There are some precise cultural group in the hills and Terai region of Nepal whose existence has been base on Fishing. Bote, Majhi, Tharu and Machhuwar are some of them. Fishing tour in Nepal can be accompanied with the river rafting and camping which makes your trip more worthy and exciting.

Fishing tour is an Eco-friendly sport which requires great patient and lots of time. Pokhara crystal clear lakes, Netrawati River or in west Nepal, Bardia National Park where we can arrange guided fishing trips. Betrawati River, Indrawati River, Karnali River, Trisuli River, Netrawati River and Koshi are some of the major rivers where fishing and angle is probable. Many wild and scenic rivers and lakes of Nepal provide opportunities for recreational fishing. Season for fishing on the white waters is before and after the monsoon from February till April and October and November. Angling in such beautiful waters amidst glorious scenery is a diverse, subtle and beguiling sport. The dancing and frolicking of fish are a worth seeing sight in the Himalayan rivers.

We organize fishing trips in streams close to Kathmandu or far from the Kathmandu. The Himalayan rivers and lakes camps offer good grounds for fishing for the fishing adventure lovers. Some of the places where you can enjoy the fishing tour with us are:

  • Fishing in Karnli River
  • Fishing in Ankhu Khola (Netrawati)
  • Fishing in Budi Gandaki
  • Fishing in Narayani
  • Fishing in Babai River

In some of River fishing are strictly prohibited but while fishing, fisherman should not forget to take care of some other dangerous aquatic species. Fishing tour in Nepal is going to be your exciting and experiencing event in Nepal with the enjoyments of rafting and camping.

If you are interested on Fishing tour in Nepal and want to enjoy the fishing of current rivers of Nepal, feel free to contact us


Fishing in Nepal

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