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Kathmandu Simara Flights

Simara flight by Bddha Air

Simara Airport Information

Airport IATA Code: SIF

City: Simara

Country: Nepal

Airport Type: Medium

Runways length: 1,192 m.

Co-ordinates: 27°09' 34" N 084°58' 48" E

Free Baggage: 20 Kg

Hand carry: 07 Kg

Airport Tax: Domestic Flight NPR 200.00 per person.

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Simara Airport is the shortest distance airport from Kathmandu nearby Birgunj city of Nepal lies near the India border. The airport lies in Pipara Simara in Bara district of Nepal. The airport was established July 4, 1958 and is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Kathmandu to Simara flight is 15 minutes flight, which is the shortest flight in Nepal.

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Flight Schedule

Flight FromFlight ToAirlinesFlight No.Flight TimeArrival Time
KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 55109:30:0009:45:00
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KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 55310:30:0010:45:00
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KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 55512:00:0012:15:00
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KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 55914:00:0014:15:00
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KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 56115:00:0015:15:00
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KathmanduSimaraBuddha AirU4 56316:00:0016:15:00
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KathmanduSimaraSimrik AirlinesRMK 11110:30:0010:45:00
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KathmanduSimaraSimrik AirlinesRMK 11315:30:0015:45:00
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Returning Flights

Flight FromFlight ToAirlinesFlight No.Flight TimeArrival Time
SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 55209:50:0010:05:00
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SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 55410:50:0011:05:00
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SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 55612:20:0012:35:00
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SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 56014:20:0014:35:00
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SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 56215:20:0015:35:00
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SimaraKathmanduBuddha AirU4 56416:20:0016:35:00
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SimaraKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK 11211:00:0011:15:00
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SimaraKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK 11416:00:0016:15:00
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