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Kirtipur Sightseeing

Kirtipur sightseeing tour, Bagh Bhairav temple

Kirtipur city is situated to the 8 km south west from center of Kathmandu valley. It is a small hill on the base of Champadevi hill. Kirtipur is an ancient city rich in Newari culture and tradition. It is the holy place for both Hindu and Buddhist community. There are several temples, monasteries and palaces for sightseeing. The temple of Aadinath, situated on a top of the hill, the Chilamcho Stupa, the temple of Bagh Bhairav, Uma Maheshwor temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shri Kirti Bihara, a Buddhist Monastery are also major attractions of Kirtipur.

Kirtipur offers dramatic views of Kathmandu valley. Due to the small elevation of hill, you can explore the entire Kathmandu valley for the top of the Kirtipur hill. This ancient city has very interesting history and unique culture. Besides the religious and historical aspect, Kirtipur is the center of education of Nepal. The largest and oldest university of Nepal, Tribhuvan University lies to the base of the hillock. It is a refreshment journey for domestic tourist to visit this city. In a very short distance about half kilometer, the Chovar sightseeing point lies from where you can see the water exit gorge of the Kathmandu valley.


Kirtipur sightseeing tour, Bagh Bhairav temple

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