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Shamanism Tour in Nepal

Shamanism tour in Nepal is the trip to get closer with the ancient shamans and its tricks in Nepal. Shamanism in Nepal exists alongside medicine as a viable healing system. Shamans are consulted by politicians, priests, and laymen alike for healing, divination and as intermediaries with the spirits. The science considers it as superstitious belief but it stands its worthiness since long years. Shamanism tour in Nepal offers healing and teachings from shamans whose practice reflects traditions that predate Buddhism in Tibet, and share their stories.

“Shaman” means a generalized or undifferentiated religious practitioner, one who combines general contact with the supernatural realm and application of this contact, particularly in curing. Shamanistic ritual typically incorporates such elements as spirit-possession, soul-flight, ventriloquism, and movement of objects, all effected by the Shaman, whose behavior combines frenzy and trance, while the assembled laymen remain passive observers. Shamans function as spiritual leaders, doctors and physicians, granting healing through the restoration of belief.

Before the time of Hinduism or Buddhism, Shamanism was followed in diverse ways throughout the world by peoples fortunate enough to have been overlooked by the institutional religions. Shamanism in Nepal, the general words for shaman is Jhankri and Dhami; although each ethnic group has its own term as well. As a healer, he may examine the entrails of animals for signs, gather medicinal plants from the forest, perform sacrifices, exorcize demons, and chant magical incantations to invoke helper deities, or conduct any number of other rituals.

We know what science has done in today’s era but our age old unique traditions have their own value and we welcome you in a sacred journey to Nepal for deep immersion into the culture, spirituality, and healing practices. Shamanism should be vigorously researched and its few remaining tribal cultures protected. You will, in any case, be an observer and our small group will meet daily both formally and informally for philosophical dialogue in which we share and reflect on our experiences and observations.

Shaman practice in Nepal can be organized in Kathmandu valley as well. Every year we organize trek to Lake Gosainkunda where Shamans from Langtang region gather during Janai Purnima festival. It is a great scene for Shaman watchers. Under the Nepal Shamanism Tour program we will take you across the ancient tradition of Shamanism, where you can observe Shamans perform various rituals.

If you are interested on Shamanism tour in Nepal and want to study the Shamanism treatment system in Nepal, feel free to contact us

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