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Traditional Wedding Tour in Nepal

Traditional wedding customs in Nepal are different in various ethnic community and castes of Nepal. Hindu and Buddhist marriage are by far the most popular among the wedding traditions and ceremonies in Nepalese society. The Hindu and Buddhist religion people believe in traditional wedding. It is believed that traditional marriage ceremonies make the knot of wedding ties lifelong and the relation also goes smoothly.

Also people believe that marriage performed by following the traditional way emphasizes on mutual respect and discourage the practice of divorce. The rituals are perform by following the centuries ago guidelines written in VEDAS.

The notable features of such weddings are, the ceremony is held in the open under a canopy known as mandap with a sacred fire in the center and the bride and bridegroom walk around it seven times. The ceremony is carried out by the priest. The groom's party is supposed to arrive at the wedding venue in a procession, so it's good to have a convenient assembly location nearby. The Nepali wedding ceremony is grand affair where the bride and bridegroom perform the Puja and take best wishes as well as blessing from relatives, friends and family members. The marriage venue is decorated by colorful paper flowers and twinkling lights. A Nepalese bride dresses in the bridal color of red and is bejeweled with gold and precious gems. Traditionally, the bride and groom are escorted to the marriage venue. In a village the couple reach the marriage venue on horses or baskets, while in a city marriage the couple arrive at the venue in a decorated car. Music is an essential part of marriages. The traditional music, Pachai Baja and folk songs still popular among people are played as the Nepali people believe that playing traditional music strengthens the nuptial knot and pleases God.

Life Dream Adventure has projected a wedding package for newly marriage planning couple or those who want to renew their marriage vows by marrying in Nepali tradition and culture. We offer both Hindu and Buddhist marriage ceremony for interested couple from all around the world. We arrange everything for wedding, the auspicious date assignment according to the astrologers, the wedding dress, catering, music, priest and other necessary arrangements. If you are interested to do your wedding in traditional way in Nepal, please feel free to contact us. We have successfully organized many traditional wedding in Nepal.


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