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Why Visit to Nepal?

Why visit to Nepal? or Why travel in Nepal?

If you have questioned that why visit to Nepal? Then there are several ways to answer you. Nepal the country of high Himalayas is filled with the emerald hills painted with colorful flowers, pristine forests, and world deep George's, high mountains, Rivers, valleys, villages and its delightful peoples. Nepal the birth place of Lord Buddha is really a place blessed by the divine power. Nepal has its origin and history dated back to centuries with its own legends and history. Nepal is a landlocked country bordered by the India in East, West and South direction and by Autonomous region of the People's democratic of China in North direction.

Wide range of altitudinal variation in the country favors a wide variety of climate and vegetation ranging from tropical to alpine vegetation. This wide range of vegetation makes favorable condition for different varieties of the flora and fauna to thrive. For the bird watchers and nature lovers the country is a paradise. Incomparable spectacular Himalayan views, ancient temples and monasteries, tradition, culture and art of living of the Nepali people has attracted the travelers from all around the world. The Northern most part of the country is ruled by the mighty Himalayas beside which lies the autonomous land of Tibet. The Himalayan region of Nepal is inhibited by the Tibetan like Buddhist people. The rugged topography, snowy and frosted peaks, Buddhist peoples dominates the region. Mount Everest (8,848m.) the highest mountain is the prime attraction of Nepal.

Nepal also offers various kinds of adventure and fun activities like trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing, jungle safari tour, sightseeing tour, rafting, hiking, bungee jumping, mountain flight, paragliding and many more. Nepal is countries of hidden treasure explores the country and see what you can take back with you.

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