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Are You Ready For The Everest Base Camp Adventure?

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So, you are planning for Everest trek during your upcoming vacation? Well, now the best thing you have to do for yourself is getting ready for it both physically and mentally because no amount of guess work is going to make your Everest base camp trekking easier. Talking with people that have accomplished this feet, reading travel blogs written by previous travelers and booking with a register trekking company is an excellent way to commence your Everest base camp trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek

A lot of people have lot of point of views on what you require to bring, how you have to prepare and what to anticipate, the truth is, you cannot measure the climate, you cannot predict unnoticeable changes or events, or predict the way your body is going to get used to altitude.

Train your body for the trek: I have heard it all before, step classes, treadmills, aerobics, weight lifting etc. I can tell you now, you cannot prepare your trekking muscles by walking an hour a day on a treadmill or pumping iron, certainly this will improve your fitness, your cardiovascular strength and your body image. But it can't prepare you for uneven ground, the constant up and down, and very uneven stairs, which is a given when trekking in Nepal. One of the best things you can do is get outdoors, walk up hills, get off the pavement, walk on the grass, walk over tree roots and up dirt paths, climb uneven rock stairs, or very steep inclines, don't forget up is not only what you need to concentrate on, you require a whole different set of muscles to make walking downhill a breeze as well, plus this will improve your surefootedness, your trekkers eye scoping potential trips and holes, rocks and slippery gravel, no one wants a grazed knee or twisted ankle on the trek.

What should I bring: Keep it simple, there is no need to bring an esky, barbeque, and billy can. I prefer a water bladder when trekking to a water bottle; it sits more evenly, distributing weight across your back, instead of a usually swinging bottle or one that sits off to the side. A camelback is great for easy access through a water hose and mouth piece, saves stopping to take out your bottle from your pack. A head torch is also better for evening strolls, trekking in dusk, reading or night toilet trips, most people do better with both hands. A good sized pack and a bigger pack for your porter or just one well fitted big backpack for those that are carrying their own bags.

Everest View Trek

Although I highly recommend giving a porter a job during your Everest view trek, some money to take home to his family, and taking a load off your own back to enjoy the trek that little bit more. A cap, sun glasses, sun cream, energy bars or sugar lollies to suck along the way. Waterproof bags to but all your valuables in, even a few recycled plastic shopping bags or bin liners work well, or get yourself a good sea to summit bag. Plastic emergency ponchos are a great way to protect you or your pack from sudden downpours, and a wet pack is a heavy pack!

Hope you enjoy reading the article. Cheers!

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