Teej Festival in Nepal

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Teej is the women special festival in Nepal celebrated all around the country. Teej festival takes place in the month of Bhadra (late August or early September). The festival is a three day long celebration. The hindu women pay for marital bliss for their husband’s long and good health and their children’s growth. The Teej festival is fasting festival to worship the Hindu god Lord Shiva. The most interesting feature of Teej festival is involvement of most of the Hindu married women and girls. They sing and dance a lot. The special song is well liked and performs during the festival time. The festival is related with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati about their love and marriage life. The first day of Teej is “Dar Khane Din”. On this day women prepare very delicious food like rice pudding, meat, bread, sweets and they eat and enjoy. All women nearby their community gather together and perform dancing and singing whole night. They eat before the sunrise for the commence day of fasting. The second day of Teej is “Haritalika Teej”. This is the most important day of Teej festival. On this day women take fasting without a morsel of food or drops of water during the day they perform puja of Lord Shiva. In the evening they do special ritual and worship of the god and take some food or fruits. The third day of the Teej festival is Rishi Panchami. On this day women take bath in the rivers, lakes or tap nearby them and worship the seven holy sages. After the completion of ritual worship the festival will complete. This year the Teej festival take place on 8th September 2013. Starts from 7 and ends on 9th of September. According to Nepali calendar the festival takes place on 23rd Bhadra 2070.  

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