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Everest Base Camp trek is best in spring and autumn season. The weather is clear and visibility is high. So trekking in Everest is best in these two season.

Trekking in Spring Season

The best time for Everest Base Camp Trek is between mid-March to the end of May. The weather during this time is stable and there is very little chance of rain or snow. The temperature is also perfect for trekking, not too hot and not too cold. In Nepal, the spring season falls under the months of March, April, and May.

Trek in Autumn Season

The another best time to go on the Everest Base Camp Trek is between late September and early December. These are the best times because they offer the most stable weather conditions. However, it is important to keep in mind that even during these times, there can be sudden changes in weather conditions.

Autumn season falls under the months of September, October and November.

How to prepare for your trek?

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one that should be properly prepared for. Here are a few tips on how to get ready for your trek:

1. Choose the right time of year to go.

The best time to trek to Everest Base Camp is from late March to early May, or from October to November. These months offer the most stable weather conditions and clear views of the mountains.

2. Get in shape before you go.

Trekking at high altitudes requires a good level of fitness, so make sure to start training several months in advance. Cardio exercises like running, biking, and swimming will help prepare your body for the physical challenges ahead.

3. Pack wisely.

Be sure to bring all the essential items with you, including a Sleeping Bag Liner , headlamp , first-aid kit , sunscreen , lip balm , and sunglasses . You'll also need plenty of layers of clothing to stay warm during the cold nights at altitude.

4. Acclimatize gradually.

When you arrive in Nepal, take a few days to rest and acclimatize before beginning your trek. Once you start walking, take your time and don't push yourself too hard. It's better to take more frequent breaks and go slowly than it is to try and power through and risk getting sick from altitude sickness .

5. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the


If you're planning on trekking to Everest Base Camp, the best time to go is between March and May, or October and November. These months offer the most favorable weather conditions for the trek, with temperatures that are not too hot or too cold. Keep in mind that even during these months, weather conditions can change rapidly, so it's always important to be prepared for anything.

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