3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour

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3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour
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Trip Overview

3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour, tour to Paro and Thimphu sightseeing of 3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour covers all most all the highlights of Paro and Thimphu city of Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan. This 4 days tour covers the sightseeing of capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu and the second biggest city of Bhutan Paro with the visit of historical, cultural and economical hub of Bhutan.

Thimphu city sightseeing tour gives you an opportunity to explore the heritage sites of Bhutan within a short period of time. You will explore the cultural heritages, enjoy the local meals, interact with local people, and explore the natural sights and many more about the Himalayan kingdom. Similarly, you will explore the beautiful city of Bhutan, Paro which lies in the Paro valley where the sole International airport of Bhutan is located. During the 3 nights and 4 days tour, you will visit the beautiful sites like the national museum, national library, painting school, handicrafts emporium and many more pilgrimage sites of Bhutan.

Paro city tour including Thimphu city sightseeing gives you an overview of Buddhist culture of Bhutan with traditional lifestyle.

Kingdom of Bhutan, a hidden gem nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Bhutan offers a truly unique travel experience. If you're short on time but eager to explore this captivating country, our 3 nights, 4 days Bhutan tour package is the perfect choice. Join us on a remarkable journey as we unveil the top attractions and highlights of Bhutan, providing you with an unforgettable Himalayan adventure.

Immerse Yourself in the Serenity of Paro: Your Bhutan tour begins in Paro, a picturesque town known for its breathtaking natural beauty. As you arrive, you'll be greeted by awe-inspiring views of snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, and charming traditional architecture. Take a moment to soak in the serenity of this place, as you prepare to embark on an incredible journey.

Discover the Cultural Delights of Thimphu: Next, we'll venture to Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city, where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with modern developments. Explore the iconic Tashichho Dzong, an impressive fortress-monastery that serves as the seat of government and religion. Marvel at the intricate artwork and architectural splendor while gaining insight into Bhutan's rich cultural heritage.

Awe-Inspiring Trek to Paro Taktsang Ghoempa (Tiger's Nest Monastery): No Bhutan tour is complete without a visit to the legendary Paro Taktsang Ghoempa, also known as the Tiger's Nest Monastery. Embark on a thrilling trek through lush forests, traversing rugged trails and crossing gurgling streams. As you ascend, catch glimpses of the monastery perched dramatically on the cliffside. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you reach this sacred site, basking in its serene ambiance and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Witness Bhutan's Spiritual Side: Throughout your journey, you'll have numerous opportunities to witness Bhutan's profound spirituality. Visit ancient temples and monasteries, where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of prayer halls adorned with intricate murals and sacred relics. Engage with friendly monks, learn about their way of life, and gain a deeper understanding of Bhutanese Buddhism, a central pillar of the country's identity.

Bask in Bhutan's Natural Splendor: Beyond its cultural wonders, Bhutan also offers breathtaking natural landscapes. Explore verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers as you venture through the country. Capture stunning photographs of snow-capped peaks piercing through the clouds and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Bhutan's protected national parks. Take a moment to connect with nature, finding peace and rejuvenation in the embrace of the Himalayas.

Farewell to Bhutan: As your 3 nights, 4 days Bhutan tour comes to an end, bid farewell to this remarkable country. Depart with cherished memories of a land steeped in traditions, picturesque vistas, and heartwarming encounters. Reflect on the deep spiritual connection that permeates every corner of Bhutan, leaving you with a profound sense of peace and fulfillment.

Conclusion: Embark on a 3 nights, 4 days Bhutan tour and discover the magic of the Himalayas. Immerse yourself in Bhutan's rich cultural heritage, witness awe-inspiring natural landscapes, and engage with the warm-hearted Bhutanese people. From the tranquil town of Paro to the bustling capital of Thimphu, and the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery, this tour package encapsulates the essence of Bhutan's allure. Book your

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Paro Bhutan

Day 02: Thimphu Sightseeing & Thimphu-Paro & Paro Sightseeing

Day 03:A Hike to Paro Taktsang Ghoempa(Tiger’s Nest Monastery)

Day 04: Departure from Paro Bhutan

3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour Itinerary

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Day 1 : Arrive Paro Bhutan

Fly into Paro by Druk air flight (Royal Bhutan Airline) or Bhutan Airlines. After immigration and customs formalities, you will be received by the representative & drive to Thimphu.

On arrival at Thimphu, check into your hotel and after refreshment visits the following: National Textile Museum, Tashichhoe Dzong, and Craft Bazaar – Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Day 2 : Thimphu Sightseeing & Thimphu-Paro & Paro Sightseeing

After breakfast visits the following in Thimphu: Bhutan Post Office Headquarters, Traditional Bhutanese paper making factory, School of Traditional Painting of Arts and Crafts where students undertake a six-year course on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. Centenary Farmers’ Market, and Archery Match (National Game of Bhutan) at Changlimithang National Stadium.

After lunch travels to Paro and visit the following: Paro Rinpung Dzong (fortress), Farmhouses in Paro Valley and a visit to a farmhouse offers a good glimpse into the lifestyle of a farmer, Paro town and market where you may visit local shops and have free interaction with local people.

Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Paro.

Day 3 : A Hike to Paro Taktsang Ghoempa(Tiger’s Nest Monastery)

After breakfast, hike up to Taktsang Monastery, also known as ‘Tiger’s Nest’. The climb up to the viewpoint will take around 1 ½ hour and from there you will enjoy a spectacular view of the monastery clinging to the side of the cliff. Stop for refreshments at the View Point Cafeteria. Then walk further up to the monastery which will take another 1 ½ hour. It is said that in the 8th century Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a tigress from eastern Bhutan to this place and meditated in a cave here for 3 months. The principal Lhakhang (monastery) of the present monastic complex dates from 1692. Taktsang was damaged severely by fire in 1998 but has now been fully restored to its former glory. After visiting the monastery, walk back down to the road on the way stop for lunch at the viewpoint cafeteria and then walk further down to the road point.

Then travel back to your hotel, on the way visiting Kyichu temple, one of the 108 temples built in the 7th century by the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo.

In the evening you may relax in the traditional hot stone bath.

Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Paro.

Day 4 : Departure from Paro Bhutan

After breakfast, travel to the Paro International Airport and your tour guide will see you off at the Paro Airport for your flight to your onward destinations.

End of the Bhutan Tour

Cost Includes

  • Bhutan Government Royalty
  • Bhutanese Tourist Visa fee
  • Twin sharing hotel rooms at 3 star hotels
  • All meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner & light refreshments) at 3star hotels
  • English speaking tour guide service from start to tour ends
  • All transfers and excursions by private vehicles
  • All entrance fees to museums and monuments
  • All internal taxes and fees
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Office service charges.

Cost Excludes

  • Single room supplement
  • Airfares
  • Travel issuance (recommended)
  • 4 star and 5 star accommodations and meals (optional)
  • Other personal expenses like overseas calls, laundry etc.

Fequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes visiting Bhutan tour costly?

It's undeniable that traveling to Bhutan tends to be pricier compared to neighboring Nepal and India. This is primarily due to the Bhutanese government's implementation of an all-inclusive nightly tariff structure for all tourists, which can give the impression of higher costs for Bhutan tours. However, having been a tour operator in Bhutan for the past decade, we consistently hear positive feedback from returning clients who attest to the genuine value they receive for their money.

Every visitor to Bhutan is provided with a comprehensive package that includes a private guide, vehicle, driver, as well as covering all meals, accommodation, sightseeing, entry fees, transfers, taxes, Government Royalties, and visa fees. This inclusive approach ensures that travelers experience the full breadth of Bhutan's offerings without worrying about additional expenses cropping up along the way. Despite the initial investment, many find that this all-encompassing package actually represents excellent value for money. Moreover, the unparalleled beauty and cultural richness of Bhutan make it a destination well worth the cost.

Is it possible to explore Bhutan on my own, without relying on guided tours or assistance?

Absolutely not! You cannot obtain an entry visa to Bhutan unless you have pre-arranged a land tour itinerary with a licensed and approved tour operator, and have paid the requisite nightly all-inclusive government tariff. The Bhutanese government restricts independent visitors to uphold its stringent cultural and ecological values. However, once in Bhutan, you can still enjoy a considerable degree of flexibility during hikes, visits to local markets and villages, and interactions with locals. You have the option to arrange your own private tour without joining a group, but it must be prepaid and pre-arranged.

How can I expect the weather to be in Bhutan?

Bhutan, similar to Nepal and various other countries worldwide, is witnessing the effects of climate change. Summers (June to mid-September) tend to be warm, humid, and rainy. Winters (December to early March) are characterized by cold and dry conditions. While winter nights are chilly, the days are typically clear and sunny. The western valleys experience an average of only two snowfalls per year. The wettest period occurs from August to early September.

How can one reach Bhutan?

There are two ways to reach Bhutan: either overland from India or by flight from Nepal, India, or Thailand. The flight from Kathmandu is particularly breathtaking, offering spectacular views of Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and thousands of other Himalayan peaks.

How do I acquire a Bhutan Visa?

At Life Dream Adventure, we assist you with the visa process. Visa applications must be submitted to the Bhutanese government at least one week before your departure. You will receive a paper visa, and upon arrival in Paro, it will be stamped into your passport. To process the visa application, we require a clear scanned copy of your passport.

What is the optimal time to travel to Bhutan?

October to December emerges as the prime time to explore Bhutan, characterized by clear, fresh weather and sunny skies. January and February usher in colder temperatures. From March to May, the climate remains dry and pleasant, with the end of spring marked by spectacular rhododendron blooms, adorning the hills with vibrant colors. May to June sees a slight increase in heat and humidity. Finally, from June to September, the monsoon rains blanket the mountains.

Are there any issues related to altitude in Bhutan?

The majority of visitors to Bhutan do not experience altitude-related issues. Our cultural tour itineraries typically do not exceed altitudes of 3500 meters above sea level. However, if you are engaging in trekking activities in Bhutan, it's important to be mindful of altitude considerations.

What items should I pack for a tour of Bhutan?

The packing list varies depending on the season of travel in Bhutan. For the colder seasons, such as winter, it's advisable to pack warm clothing like down jackets and sweaters. Conversely, for the warmer seasons like summer, lighter materials such as cotton and lightweight woolens are more suitable.

Will there be someone available to pick me up at the airport when I arrive?

Yes, Life Dream Adventure representative will be there to greet you outside of Terminal Hall. He will be displaying you name card. After that you will be transferred to hotel.

Trip Reviews (2)

My recent 3 nights, 4 days Bhutan Tour organized by Life Dream Adventure was truly unforgettable. The hospitality extended by the team was exceptional, making me feel welcomed and at ease throughout the journey. Exploring Bhutan's rich culture was a highlight of the trip, from visiting ancient monasteries to experiencing traditional Bhutanese cuisine. The tour was well-organized, allowing ample time to immerse myself in the beauty and serenity of this enchanting kingdom. Each moment was filled with wonder and discovery, leaving me with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Overall, it was a really nice trip that exceeded my expectations, thanks to the professionalism and warmth of Life Dream Adventure.


20th Feb, 2024

The Bhutan Tour 3 Nights 4 Days proved to be an unforgettable journey that left a profound impact on my life. As high school seniors, our teacher made the decision to take us on this enriching excursion to Bhutan, spanning over 4 days and 3 nights. During our time there, we immersed ourselves in the rich tapestry of this Asian nation, exploring its highlights and soaking in its breathtaking vistas.

Every moment of those four days was filled with awe-inspiring experiences. The beauty of the landscapes we encountered left us in awe, and even upon returning to our school, we couldn't stop marveling at the magnificence of the country we had just explored.

This tour served as an invaluable educational opportunity as well. We delved into the cultural intricacies of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, gathering insights that would later greatly benefit our studies on Asian culture. Our guides were instrumental in providing us with invaluable materials and information, enriching our understanding of the region.

Amidst our explorations, we indulged in the delectable flavors of Bhutanese cuisine, savoring dishes such as MOMOS, noodles, and Panipuri that tantalized our taste buds and added another layer of richness to our experience.

I am immensely grateful to Life Dream Adventure for organizing such a wonderful journey, which not only provided us with unforgettable memories but also broadened our horizons and deepened our appreciation for the world around us.

Eert Hoogerwerf

13th Mar, 2024

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