Volunteering Tour in Nepal

Volunteering Tour in Nepal
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Trip Overview

Volunteering in Nepal is great and godly program that one would like to accomplish. Helping hands are the hands of God and are greater than any great praying. Anyone wishing to help people, make them knowledgeable, give aids or supports and facilitate for their betterment are heartily welcomed for Nepal volunteering trip. The focus is on helping women and children through special educational programs and community training projects conducted independently and/or in association with likeminded organizations. Volunteering work in Nepal has various programs of helping to make a sustainable difference and improvement. Many tourists visiting Nepal now wish to spend some of their vacation in a more enriching way, by helping local communities or being involved in caring children in orphanages.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming countries in the world. However, Nepal is also one of the most under-developed countries in the world, with low rates of literacy, high rates of poverty and a persistent gender imbalance. Volunteering in Nepal program is to encourage and invite as many international volunteers as possible to improve this situation, while they are experiencing the rich culture, natural splendor and daily life of Nepal. Some of the scopes for Volunteers in Nepal can be:

Orphanage work

Thousands of children are orphans, with no real home, no family and no opportunity to get an education. In this program you will be placed in an orphanage or care House where you will assist the children in their day to day routine. Volunteering works in Nepal for orphanage includes helping teach the children and assisting with tuition of general life skills, health education, games make them homely feeling.

Medical volunteering

Medical volunteering overseas is a good way to travel around the world while giving back. Volunteers can do their medical elective at a hospital of cities or rural villages where they will have hands on clinical experience. Key requirements for a volunteer on the Nepal medical elective program are initiative, enthusiasm, and readiness to work in unfamiliar circumstances such as surgeries with minimal resources and understaffed hospitals.

Teaching English in Nepal

Our teaching English programs you will be placed in a local school to teach children to speak, read and write English. This can be the best way also to make children as well as elders make well known about the western culture and practices. You’ll make them knowledgeable and educative.

Monastery Volunteer

This is a great opportunity for visitors who want to be in the monasteries. This program helps educate young monks and nuns in conversational English, as well as developing their life skills and providing an opportunity to participate in creative activities.

We are also much aware about your pre-placement orientation classes to prepare you before you begin your work as a volunteer in Nepal. This is like combining your holidays with some community work and being socially responsible of your travel. Our volunteering programs in Nepal allow you to take part in meaningful community service work, while discovering the people, sights, smells and tastes of Nepal. Don’t miss this unique and rewarding opportunity to make a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to the people of Nepal.

  • 99% Satisfied Clients
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